7 comments on “A Grandissimo Hotel and Casino Just May Happen

  1. OK…this is a stretch…but…I seem to remember @vespajet confirming a while back that Derek made an offer on Las Vegas Club. Additionally, recently on a Vegasgang, Dr. Dave mentioned that there was potentially something going on with Las Vegas Club that he couldn’t talk about…just saying….how cool would that be?

  2. One more way off the charts thought…I believe Derek still owns a few points in the Riviera. With the possibility of Resorts World and SLS opening in the next few years…maybe they’re planning on doing something with the Riv…?

  3. I think both the Riviera and Las Vegas Club are iconic names (even if the properties have seen better days) and there is no gain in renaming either. Unlike Fitzgerald’s, which was licensed, and Stevens & co. would have had to pay for the privilege of using the name.

    Seems to me that the obvious choice for the Grandissimo name is the courthouse property that they recently bought. Although I’m gonna go way out and suggest that Grandissimo will refer to the combimed properties of the D, Four Queens and the courthouse block. Yes, I am once again suggesting that Stevens will buy the Four Queens!

    • I agree with you about Riviera, but I think the LVC name has deteriorated enough that it wouldn’t be too much harm to just re-brand the place. However, I do see your point about maybe a combined property name, and I like the idea of buying 4 Queens. That place could certainly use a little spruce-up (albeit it doesn’t need the level of work LVC or Fitzgeralds do/did). Could it be some sort of players card system or something?

  4. I will quibble with you for one reason only: IMO the name Las Vegas Club ( or Vegas Club when Tamares was trying to “hip it up”) is too iconic to be cast aside.

    Although the post Jackie Gaughan owners could fuck up an anvil IMO .

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