3 comments on “It’s a Copycat World in Sin City

  1. The RJ had an article with a picture of the “public park” but with no grass to be seen. Their PR slant is that they’re putting $100 million into the project to make it a park..which it really isn’t. It’s private property and an outdoor space to benefit their bottom line; it’s not a donation to the County for the purpose of a true public park.

    Having said this, I say good! The more outdoor space the better, especially is private security keeps the riff-raff at bay. However, more grass is needed (yes, I know it’s the desert).

    • I approve as well. Anything that keeps the properties up-to-date and adds new things to do is a plus in my book. My fear is that the changes will result in the properties looking more generic, but I guess we will see!

  2. All you need is for someone to make a blockbuster movie entitled Originality … and movie producers will flock to anyone who has a script entitled: Originality, the Sequel.

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